WPP’s Sudler & Hennessey acquired a majority stake in System Analytic, a key opinion leader engagement company.  

System Analytic works with pharmaceutical clients such as Boehringer Ingelheim, Novartis and Roche to identify, map and manage their interactions with key physicians.

“We feel that many companies claim to be able to identify and map the healthcare KOL landscape, but generally the results disappoint clients and don’t provide the value and insights they are looking for,” said Jed Beitler, chairman and CEO of S&H Group Worldwide. “With System Analytic, we have found a truly unique approach to this increasingly important activity and we are delighted to have them as part of the S&H family.”

Founded in 2007, System Analytic is based in London. It has approximately 20 employees. The company’s unaudited revenues for 2015, which ended in April, amounted to roughly $3.1 million.

The acquisition is part of WPP’s strategy of developing services in rapidly growing sectors, which include its branding and identity, healthcare and specialist communications group. WPP owns Sudler & Hennessey, which brought in about $100 million in North American revenue in 2014.

The deal was announced in mid-December. A S&H spokesperson was not immediately available for comment.