TikTok attracts people who want to know what’s “in” when it comes to beauty and style

But along with that comes endless new trends — from cosmetic procedures like lip lifts to certain hairstyles. 

The latest trend is an anti-aging effort in which people use kinesiology tape — which is typically used to treat athletes who have pain, swelling or need support for their joints — to stop wrinkles on their faces.

In countless videos claiming “natural Botox” or “taping my face to stay young 4ever,” users are experimenting with the tape by placing it on their foreheads where wrinkles typically appear. Then, they sleep with the tape in place overnight. 

The idea is to stop the muscles from moving as much overnight and wake up with smooth skin.

While its clinical benefit is unclear, some physical therapists tout some benefits of kinesiology tape — specifically for treating joint pain or muscle stiffness. 

Dr. Megann Schooley, a clinical specialist in sports physical therapy, told Healthline that taping areas like the back and shoulders or knees “creates a lift that unloads the underlying tissues.” 

Schooley added that the action “can change the signals going to the brain.” This can be helpful in some cases to remind the body to release tight muscles.

However, not all experts agree the trend will actually make a difference when it comes to wrinkles and an overall anti-aging effect, however.

Dr. Anthony Youn, who is perhaps the most well-known plastic surgeon influencer on TikTok with more than eight million followers, posted a reaction video to a girl using the tape. 

In it, he explained why there appears to be a slight effect the morning after wearing tape all night – because the tape has reminded your eyebrows not to lift as far.

“By putting tape on your forehead, it reminds you not to elevate your brows so high to create these lines,” he explained. “It’s just a way to remind yourself to limit the movement of your eyebrows. That’s why her wrinkles seem to get better. But putting tape on your forehead just in general is not going to make wrinkles better. It’s not going to reduce lines, it’s just a reminder not to make them yourself.”


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Compared to some of the other questionable trends on TikTok like NyQuil Chicken, taping wrinkles seems to overall be one of the more benign ones. 

Still, some experts have warned that the tape could trigger an allergic reaction if people are unaware they may have an allergy to it. At the very least, tape could aggravate the top layer of skin — and in some ways, be self-defeating.

Among TikTok’s anti-aging trends, face taping has emerged as one of the more popular ones as of late. 

Others include the anti-aging pillow, incredibly complex skincare routines, silicon patches, “slugging,” LED light therapy and “glass skin.”