The new managing director of W2O Group, Jennifer Labus, is drawn to healthcare marketing for its complexity and promise of helping people. 

“The complexity provides the opportunity to go beyond traditional marketing to navigate through constant changes in the industry, the discovery of new diseases, conditions and compounds, and speaks to the layers of key customers that engage with any given brand … If we can help improve the way people live, we have achieved something great.”

Labus says that her passion for marketing began at an early age. “I have always been fascinated with sociology and understanding what motivates behavior and how best to engage with people.

“I had a great mentor at Boston College who encouraged me to pursue integrated marketing and communications as a career,” she adds.

That encouragement led her to Saatchi & Saatchi and J. Walter Thompson before she landed on the client side as director of marketing for Pfizer. “I was asked by Pfizer to come in house as a lead marketer in pain, smoking cessation and established products,” she explains.

Her decision to join W2O Group is based on the agency’s core competencies. She said she’s excited to tap into those resources and “build greater solutions and improve customer engagement in healthcare.”

Her greatest take-away from her career so far is the power of collaboration. “[It] offers the opportunity for great ideas to turn into great work,” she affirms.

Her advice, for those looking to translate their own great ideas into great work, is to be “continuously curious, not only about healthcare but about brands and understand what motivates the customers you are trying
to reach.”