The Department of Health and Human Services and the Food and Drug Administration are working on a proposal that would allow the importation of drugs from Canada. With hopes of decreasing prices, the proposal would enable states, as well as wholesalers and pharmacies, to create plans for implementation that would be approved by the federal government. (STAT)

Meanwhile, PhRMA and BIO have expressed their opposition to the drug-importation proposal. PhRMA CEO Stephen Ubl said that it would be difficult to “guarantee the safety of drugs that come into the country.” (Reuters)

Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft are coming together to help patients access medical information more easily. The companies are planning to help consumers access claims data, which includes everything for which a patient’s health insurance company is billed. The collaboration could help to cut down on fraud and incorrect billing. (CNBC)

Verywell is putting together a review board to vet wellness content with the same rigor as medical content. Verywell editorial director Emily Rose said adding experts to the process can increase the credibility of content from wellness influencers (MM&M)

Ever wonder about how to craft an MM&M Awards submission that stands out? Fingerpaint creative Tracy Blackwell, a first-time judge this year, shared five tips based on insights she gleaned from her jury experience. (MM&M)