Lawyers for the state of Oklahoma compared Johnson & Johnson to an illegal drug “kingpin” in closing arguments on Monday in the state’s opioid trial. “[Opioid painkillers] didn’t get here from a Mexican cartel,” attorney Brad Beckworth told the judge. “They got here from the pharmaceutical cartel, and the kingpin of them all is Johnson & Johnson.” Lawyers from the state want J&J to pay $17 billion over 30 years to address the opioid epidemic. (Reuters)

Juul CEO Kevin Burns’ apology to parents whose children have become addicted to e-cigarettes wasn’t good enough for the organization Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. Burns made the mea culpa on a documentary set to air on CNBC. The leader of Campaign for Tobacco-Free kids called it “a deceptive, self-serving gesture.” (CNBC)

Former Vice President Joe Biden unveiled his healthcare plan on Monday. The proposal builds on the most popular parts of the Affordable Care Act and adds a government-run insurance option. It would also allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices and extend tax credits to help millions of Americans buy health insurance. (Politico)

Meanwhile, the Biden Cancer Initiative has ceased operations indefinitely. The nonprofit was founded in 2017 by the former vice president and his wife, Jill, two years after Biden’s son, Beau, died of the disease. The executive director of the group cited “unique circumstances” when announcing the shutdown. (Associated Press)

Gilead has increased its stake in Belgian drugmaker Galapagos via a 10-year deal worth $5.1 billion that will significantly deepen Gilead’s ties to the company. Gilead CEO Daniel O’Day has opted for a partnership strategy, instead of trying to acquire Galapagos, to bolster its research capabilities. (BioPharmaDive)