1. Pfizer’s Q3 revenue increased 1% to $13.17 billion, driven by higher-than-expected sales of pneumonia vaccine Prevnar. (Reuters)

2. President Donald Trump’s opioid panel laid out a draft of 53 recommendations to tackle the opioid crisis, which includes setting up drug courts in every federal judicial district and adjusting reimbursement rates for addiction treatment. The panel will release the final report on Wednesday. (Stat)

3. Novartis requested FDA approval for its Kymriah CAR-T therapy to treat adult blood cancer patients who do not qualify for stem cell transplant. Kymriah received FDA approval to treat adult patients with lymphoblastic leukemia earlier this year. (Reuters)

4. Sanofi opted out of investing a further $745 million for biotech Voyager’s Parkinson’s experimental gene therapy VY-AADC. Sanofi paid Voyager $100 million upfront in 2015, and the further $745 million would have given the French drugmaker ex-U.S. rights. (Endpoints News)

5. Dutch venture capital firm BioGeneration Ventures raised $95 million to find European biotech startups developing therapeutics, medical devices, and diagnostics. The fund was backed by pharma investors, including Bristol-Myers Squibb and Johnson & Johnson. (Endpoints News)