Alphabet’s Verily has partnered with Novartis, Sanofi, Otsuka and Pfizer in an effort to modernize clinical trials. Verily and the pharma companies want to reach patients in new ways, make it easier to enroll and participate in trials and aggregate data across sources. (CNBC)

Johnson & Johnson has been ordered to pay $25 million in another talc lawsuit. The plaintiff said she developed an asbestos-related cancer after using J&J’s talc product for decades. The jury will return next week to decide on punitive damages. (Bloomberg)

The head of the global vaccine alliance said online vaccine misinformation needs to be taken down. Gavi CEO Seth Berkley called on the companies running social media platforms to remove anti-vaccine content, saying, “We have to think about it as a disease. This is a disease. This spreads at the speed of light, literally.” (Reuters)

Mallinckrodt has sued the Department of Health and Human Services over changes to Medicaid rebates. The company said the rebate changes could cause a 10% decrease in sales of its Acthar gel, which treats multiple sclerosis and infant seizures. (Reuters)

Nicorette has introduced its first major product in 10 years. The new coated mint lozenge will have NASCAR legend and former smoker Dale Earnhardt Jr. as its spokesperson. Nicorette’s business has declined in recent years as people have turned to e-cigarettes to help them quit. (CNBC)