Sermo has teamed up with Bloomberg to develop a groundbreaking forum that gives healthcare investors instant access to medical information and the opinions of its community of physicians—a venture that Sermo CEO Daniel Palestrant, MD, believes “has the potential to reward with greater investment those products and services that are most effective, rather than those that are well-promoted.”

The Healthcare Exchange, demonstrated for the first time to a select audience of industry leaders last night in San Francisco, gives users direct access to the observations and insights of Sermo’s 90,000-strong physician community through the Bloomberg Professional Service. With one click, 280,000-plus analysts and investors can gain instant access to what Palestrant described as “the front-lines of medicine,” giving users “actionable intelligence about therapies and devices” on which to base investing decisions—and effectively offering early intelligence of market-changing events in healthcare.

Investors and analysts will be able to pose questions to physicians to gauge opinion and reactions to potentially market-changing information, such as company statements about the efficacy of therapies or media stories about adverse events.

Palestrant told the invitation-only audience that the Healthcare Exchange will “tear down” barriers to information. “For physicians, this provides a voice beyond the bound of their community,” he said. “For investors, it is a disruptive technology that leads to more transparent information and better investment decisions.”

The new service will become a feature of the Bloomberg function BDRUG, which provides daily-updated information on every drug marketed in the US, from clinical trials results to prescription data, and will be available as part of the Bloomberg Professional service.