While healthcare innovation, artificial intelligence and technology is expected to be the talk of the town at the ViVE 2023 conference later this month, there are several other subjects likely to garner significant attention.

Both environmental, social, and corporate governance as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion have gained traction in the business world over the past few years, particularly among healthcare organizations.

Leaders are publicly more mindful about sustainability and corporate social responsibility, with many companies making pledges to adjust their practices or implementing new policies and organizational structures to meet these goals. 

The conference will offer attendees a unique opportunity to explore these latest trends on the ESG front and evaluate which initiatives are feasible and can be replicated in their respective organizations.

On the DEI front, fostering a more inclusive work environment is a top priority for many leaders in the wake of the racial reckoning the country has experienced over the past few years.

Improving representation and seeking to create a more equitable company is a noble endeavor that is likely to prompt some thought-provoking conversations at the conference. 

As with other industry events, attendees will also have the chance to network with presenting experts and influential leaders to share best practices and gain a better understanding of how to improve the healthcare system.