Omnichannel marketing initiatives have the potential to produce results beyond what would have been expected from a single- or dual-channel approach, and these campaigns are proof.

Andy Semons

Founding and strategic planning partner, IPNY

Testimonials have long been a staple of hospital marketing campaigns.  But for its Miracle of Science with Soul campaign, City Of Hope leveraged the power of the testimonial into a full omnichannel experience. While complete patient stories lived on the City Of Hope website, a variety of television, radio, outdoor, digital, social and print media featured these City of Hope cancer survivors in a “teaser” campaign and referenced tags or links that directed the target to the site for a complete story.

While seeing the full testimonial, the target learned about City of Hope’s innovation in the cancer field through the eyes of actual cancer survivors and were given the ability to schedule an appointment and speak to a City of Hope physician. 

All told, this approach helped drive outpatient visits up 13% and filled beds to capacity on the main campus, surpassing all prior single-channel acquisition initiatives.

Madison Molho

Strategist, Fishawack Health

Alcon launched the first-to-market trifocal IOL, Acrysof IQ PanOptix, with an aggressive goal to become the category leader within six months. Fishawack developed a bold patient campaign strategy that positioned cataract surgery as an opportunity and motivated patients to ask for the lens by name. It centered on an unforgettable word designed to support brand recall — “PanOptimism.” 

Supporting the call-to-action “be a PanOptimist,” we launched an omnichannel campaign that pushed the boundaries of cataract marketing, knowing we needed to engage patients outside of traditional, siloed channels. Activation spanned the patient journey and included social media, videos, websites, emails and in-office materials. 

Ophthalmologists organically became brand advocates as they embraced PanOptimism, proudly displaying signs across social media. This strategy ensured the campaign reached 171 million people and propelled Alcon to category leadership within six weeks.

Catherine Goss

EVP, client engagement, Ogilvy Health

Omnichannel marketing’s value cannot be underplayed. Incorporating a unified strategy across channels is an excellent way to reach potential customers to drive engagements, loyalty and revenue. 

A strong example — CeraVe, a L’Oréal USA brand. In June, the first-ever media campaign launched to support CeraVe’s line of facial cleansers. A dynamic broadcast television campaign, programmatic media, search and social posts were leveraged, immediately delivering increased awareness and interest with consumer targets, dermatologists, major influencers, and media outlets — resulting in significant sales gains. Post-launch, additional channels were added including expanded social and PR efforts. During this time period, the omnichannel approach helped impressions increase tenfold YOY, engagement rates far exceed benchmarks in the beauty industry, and website views grow exponentially — all contributing to CeraVe becoming the No. 1 mentioned cleanser brand online in 2020.