“When your purpose aligns with who you are and is something you genuinely enjoy, you’re not really working a day in your life.”

This is how Craig Romanok, president CDMP explained his job to Larry Dobrow, editor-in-chief, MM+M, on a crisp, sunny day in March, as they took a conversational stroll around picturesque Princeton, New Jersey to discuss the purpose behind CDMP’s rebranding.

Their conversation dove deep into the desire to highlight the collective, diverse culture CDMP has built over the years, the agency’s north star of working with life-changing brands and clients to make a meaningful impact in the world and fostering togetherness during COVID by embracing, adapting and innovating.

One of the most impactful enterprises CDMP has engaged in over the past few years has been fostering a broader, more inclusive culture. This has resulted in the agency collaborating with the Multicultural Advertising Internship Program, which introduces multicultural talent to the world of advertising; the Delta Phi Epsilon Foundation, which connects urban students with mentors in the community and The One Show, which is part of the One School’s portfolio review for Black creatives.

“These collaborations truly go both ways,” says Romanok. “They offer experience to the students, but also give our employees the opportunity to make an impact by helping people establish a foothold in the world.”

CDMP has been part of Romanok’s life for 23 years, and as he himself puts it, to say he has a passion for it “would be an understatement.”

Listen to the conversation in full here: