A prescription is not as simple as a piece of paper.

For patients navigating their prescription journeys, the road remains as rocky as ever.  Opaque administrative burdens in store for a patient often create unnecessary and frustrating hurdles — a scenario that’s all but guaranteed when specialty medications are involved.

Working on behalf of top pharmaceutical manufacturer clients, ConnectiveRx forges frictionless connections across gaps in the healthcare ecosystem.

As a software-enabled services company, ConnectiveRx’s innovation combines process engineering, tech tools, smart execution channels and critical human touchpoints to achieve industry standout results.

CEO Jim Corrigan shares a highlight, “We offer data stories that our clients can’t get anywhere else — connecting information in a way that pharmaceutical manufacturers have never been able to visualize before and that breaks open a new level of analytics value to the industry. For us, this required reimagining what a manufacturer can get from a relationship and how they should rely on partners to drive patient services.”

On a mission to take the pain out of complex prescription processes and to help patients start and stay on specialty medication, ConnectiveRx architects powerful brand programs with smart solutions that are designed to flatten roadblocks along the prescription journey and facilitate honest moments of connection between prescribers and patients.

The company’s solutions drive awareness and messaging to prescribers and patients, make it easier for patients to access and afford medications while accelerating speed to therapy, and engage patients with hub services and support programs.

With a powerful solution suite, rooted in purpose-built technology, ConnectiveRx brings the brand prescription journey to life. Integrated analytics for awareness, access, affordability, and adherence programs offer pharma clients three things:

1.  A frictionless connection between patients, prescribers and brands along the complex prescription journey.

2.  The clearest picture of their drug in the marketplace.

3.  Access to medication and increased speed to therapy in a way that builds loyal relationships between brands and target audiences.

Corrigan explains, “Full transparency into program results are table stakes for us. But we don’t just stop at the data. By building an integrated analytical view across programs, we’re transforming the way clients and our teams consume data and accelerate informed business decisions that drive better outcomes.”

To discover how you can work with ConnectiveRx, visit connectiverx.com.

Fast Facts

Company address: 200 Jefferson Park, Whippany, NJ 07981

Year founded: 2005

Employees: 1,700

Website: connectiverx.com

New business contact: connectiverx.com/connect