Fusion is a full-service medical communications agency integrated within the Propel Health Network. Working with global and domestic brands to deliver strategic clinical education for healthcare professionals and patients, we provide essential support for state-of-the-art engagements, including scientific message platform development, opinion leader identification and relationship-building, disease awareness initiatives, launch strategies and innovative engagement planning.

At Fusion, outcomes are our imperative, whether we’re crafting your scientific story, engaging audiences in innovative, nontraditional programs, deepening relationships with key influencers or challenging the status quo. It’s the carefully cultivated unexpected that’s both the attraction and the agent of change.

We combine your sense of purpose with our commitment to actionable and inspirational medical communications to spark uncommon reactions. From motivating messaging to customized content creation, we leverage every aspect of the adult learning literature to elevate your communication strategies, developing transformative strategy and programs. With an array of proprietary tactics, we help you turn didactic education on its head, while we face the inevitable practical, financial and regulatory constraints together.

We’re very proud of the range of proprietary tactics we’ve developed, but it’s not innovation just for the sake of innovation, it’s innovation with intent. These evidence-based alternatives to the typical presentation maximize interaction or user-activated, self-directed learning to explicitly target and transform clinical behaviors to optimize outcomes for you, your healthcare professional customers and, ultimately, for patients and their loved ones.

When you need a fresh perspective, strategic solutions supported by deep scientific knowledge, and savvy account management, you will find it at Fusion, where game changing is the name of the game.

Fast Facts

Company address: Fusion is a remote employer with footprints in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

Year founded: 2016

Employees: 32

Holding company: Propel Health

Website: FusionMedComm.com

Social media info: linkedin.com/company/fusion-med-comm/?viewAsMember=true

New business contact: Lew Campanaro, GM, Fusion