Simply put, GoodRx helps Americans get the healthcare they need at a price they can afford. GoodRx co-founder and co-CEO Doug Hirsch believes that Americans should have more ways to spend less for high-quality healthcare, and his experience comparing medication costs in 2010 was the spark that started GoodRx.

Over the past several years, the company has been strategically and systematically expanding its solutions for patients and providers, as well as biopharma marketers, copay and patient support program managers, and healthcare agencies. With GoodRx, brands can connect their support and savings programs with over 20 million engaged patients monthly – all on a single, trusted platform, at each pivotal moment of care.

GoodRx delivers a suite of integrated offerings to support and engage patients and providers:


A digital marketplace that significantly reduces the cost of prescriptions and care for Americans, regardless of insurance status. Includes a personalized experience reaching tens of thousands of providers through our web and mobile app.

GoodRx Care

Award-winning telehealth service offering convenient healthcare provider visits from anywhere.

GoodRx Health

A next-generation online health resource where doctors, pharmacists and healthcare experts provide authoritative answers to thousands of crucial health questions.

The 2022 addition of vitaCare strengthens GoodRx’s fastest-growing business segment, Pharma Manufacturer Solutions. Divya Iyer, VP of Strategy & Business Development, explained, “Our innovative solutions, as well as our strategic acquisitions and partnerships, help to improve medication awareness, access, and adherence. GoodRx is committed to helping biopharmaceutical manufacturers better serve patients and providers throughout their respective yet intertwined journeys.”

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Fast Facts

Company Address: 2701 Olympic Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90404
Year founded: 2011

Employees: 847 (as of 4/22/22)

Pharma Solutions Website: