For Tim Frank, owner of Triple Threat Communications (TTC), working with clients is as rewarding as reaching their brand goals. As he climbed up the ranks at a large network agency, Frank found himself increasingly tied up with agency demands and moving away from direct day-to-day work with clients and their brands. Frank recognized that big network agencies were built around the needs of the agency, and not their clients’ needs. That is why, more than 16 years ago, he started a different type of ad agency — one with the flexibility to allow him to give his clients his undivided attention, and to be a part of the entire journey.

In the final video of a three-part series, TTC team members highlight why unlimited flexibility helps make TTC “the unagency.” The first video delves into TTC team members’ unrivaled experience and the second illuminates their undivided contact with clients as additional points of differentiation for the unagency.

The importance of flexibility at TTC

Big network agencies can be unwieldy. With many layers of command, jobs can get bogged down by inflexible processes. With TTC’s streamlined organizational structure, which features fewer layers of command, team members at all levels work directly with clients on a day-to-day basis from the beginning to the end of a project.

Everyone works together, provides input, and problem-solves toward a common goal of what’s best for the client. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, so no one is simply following a cookie-cutter process.

Team members have the flexibility and autonomy to experiment with creative solutions, pivot away from old ideas and embrace new ones with confidence. This is especially important as industry needs continue to evolve at a rapid pace. TTC is constantly adjusting its priorities in service of its clients and their changing needs. Something that seemed important at the beginning of the day may later have to be set aside. TTC has the capacity to change direction without hesitation, get things done quickly and still deliver uncompromised quality.

How TTC is flexible 

TTC has operated with full virtual capabilities from its inception, ensuring that the best people are in place, regardless of where they work from. By hiring the most qualified, talented and dedicated people from virtually anywhere in the world — and using the latest technology to stay connected — TTC provides top-level solutions. And this hybrid approach has made it more collaborative and efficient in the process. 

Unlike at a bigger agency, where the structure can become rigid and people can get slotted into restrictive roles, team members at TTC wear many different hats. Everyone is willing to go above and beyond, and no one is worried about stepping on each other’s toes. TTC team members  pitch in and work together to do whatever is needed for their clients. Everyone is always learning and adjusting. If necessary, team members are willing to throw the entire process out the window to think differently and unearth new solutions.

The benefit to clients

Flexibility has been an integral part of the culture at TTC. Team members have the capability to respond in the moment to address any obstacle or opportunity. Working as a team, they are able to proactively provide solutions as brand and market needs change. Being flexible is critical to client relationships and to the unagency’s success. It allows TTC to ultimately meet clients’ needs faster, cheaper and better. It also makes for a much more effective, creative and enjoyable client-agency relationship. This is truly what TTC is all about.