GoodRx for Providers delivers streamlined access for healthcare providers (HCPs) to GoodRx capabilities through web or mobile browsers to support their daily workflow. HCPs can quickly compare medication prices across pharmacies and drug classes, view a personalized dashboard and easily send savings coupons to their patients.

Steve Madden, GM at MM+M, Haymarket Media, and Akeel Williams, VP of strategy and operations at GoodRx and GM of GoodRx for Providers, sat down to discuss the valuable benefits of GoodRx for Providers.

Designing and delivering a seamless experience

GoodRx built its reputation in part on the frictionless experience it provides to millions of patients seeking actionable information, helpful tools and savings on prescription treatments. It aims to deliver a consistent and seamless experience for providers as well, Williams said.

GoodRx for Providers is “a suite of solutions that we’ve built with providers’ unique needs in mind,” Williams noted. This provider-first mentality has attracted more than 900,000 providers across all specialties who are seeking innovative products to support them “at that point of care, at that point of prescribing and in other key moments that matter.”

To ensure each element is geared toward the provider experience, GoodRx for Providers addresses “what [HCPs’] unique needs are, how we can remove clicks and how we can remove cruft or unnecessary complications of the design,” he said. Intentionally stripping the experience of unwanted screens, buttons and pop-ups makes the platform much easier to navigate and use.

By tapping into a provider brain trust which offers in-the-moment feedback, the GoodRx for Providers team has “been able to anticipate the needs of the broader HCP population and reframe usability and functionality changes from the customers’ points of view,” he said.

In addition, the team connects with its “power users and seldom users to try to understand what their day looks like, and how GoodRx for Providers can fit into what they already do without creating a new app, a new experience or anything that could distract them from what they’re going to GoodRx for,” he explained.

Supporting HCPs and patients in key moments

Interacting with the GoodRx platform is often “a key moment in the journey to better health for a patient or provider and it’s a moment that really matters,” Williams said. The truth is the “out-of-pocket (OOP) cost of therapy could discourage a patient from accessing it, and they may never think again about taking that therapy which could improve their condition and health outcomes — and maybe even save their life.”

The recent addition of the real-time benefit check (RTBC) capability to GoodRx for Providers shows HCPs a more comprehensive, nearly real-time view of the potential OOP costs for their patient while they are still in the exam room. Armed with this information, a provider can have an informed discussion with the patient about cost and treatment options. If appropriate, the HCP can easily find and share a savings coupon for a patient whether or not they have insurance. In addition, a cost comparison tool displays prices for the same therapy across a range of pharmacies.

This timely and highly relevant information also empowers patients, who “can make that decision about how to take care of this medication cost and get on the therapy that can ultimately lead them to better health,” Williams said.

Ensuring your brand’s presence at the point of prescribing

With pharma sales teams experiencing reduced access to HCP offices, GoodRx for Providers provides a way for brands to reach HCPs and patients at the moment they are discussing therapy options. Providers “come to GoodRx to get that information, find that solution and help their patients get on the appropriate therapy at a cost they can afford,” Williams said.

Based on its utility and ease of use, GoodRx for Providers integrates well into a provider’s workflow. During a typical day, an HCP has an electronic health record (EHR), a clinical reference tool and GoodRx open at the same time, he said. GoodRx has become “the go-to place as they prepare for the cost conversation with their patient.”

With OOP prices top of mind, HCPs have a lot to consider, including “’How much is it going to cost?’ ’What is the best and fastest path to my patient starting therapy?’ and ‘Which path creates the fewest headaches for me, my staff and the patients?’” he said.

By scaling its platform and its HCP and consumer audiences, GoodRx aims to improve price transparency and access to more pharma brands for more patients. Williams concluded that “What’s best for our pharma partners is also best for providers and patients, and GoodRx is one of the few healthcare platforms that connects all three stakeholders.”

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