CMI Media Group and Compas changed the healthcare media game 30-plus years ago, and that is our mentality to this day. In fact, in the most uncertain and stressful times, our agencies continued to change the game by offering career support, camaraderie and growth for our employees. We believe in our people first, No. Matter. What. Let’s hear it from the ones who are making us successful.

“I get asked a lot why I’ve stayed with CMI Media Group for over 27 years and the list of reasons is very long. I’ve only wanted to work for a company that supported my career growth. When I wanted my career to shift in roles and responsibilities, take on different aspects of media or build something that did not already exist, I received so much support that allowed me to be successful.” — Eugene Lee, COO

“CMI Media Group’s leadership has helped us grow exponentially, and that growth never slowed down during the pandemic. Having support from leadership in hiring quality candidates quickly is something I haven’t experienced elsewhere in my career.” — Callie Smith, associate director, paid social

“My professional aspirations have transformed over my nine years with CMI Media Group. I’ve never felt as though I had to leave to chase new goals or refocus my priorities. There is an understanding that is built into our culture that we are not simply employees, but people who evolve. There is power in evolution and CMI Media Group harnesses that power by accommodating career mobility.” — Dani Kramer, director, Media Center of Excellence

“I felt intrigued and challenged to make the change to the Compas side of the business and was supported the whole way through by my manager all the way up to the president of Compas. I’ve been here nearly four years and it couldn’t be a better fit for me and my career path.” — Becky Krasley, director, supplier partner relations

We invest in those who invest in us. With a blended learning approach, we engage our experts in people-centric, collaborative, immersive learning experiences that draw upon proven best practices and support our commitment.

“I’m encouraged to try everything, make note of what sparks my interest and have honest and open communication about my career wants and needs. It’s a statement I’ve heard from previous employers but what’s unique about CMI Media Group is that it’s possible to accomplish this through trainings, innovative learning tools and so much more.” — Ty Howard, senior business process analyst, data analytics

“There are amazing training programs and learning opportunities at CMI Media Group and Compas, allowing employees to consistently grow in our ever-changing industry landscape. Employees follow a path that inspires them, and that in turn strengthens the companies and allows people to become the best versions of themselves.” — Diana Di Gioia, manager, digital ad operations

“CMI Media Group’s emphasis on learning and growth has spurred me into a much stronger leader and more strategic thinker, providing me the confidence I needed to deliver the best media solutions for my clients. I am tightening up my leadership skills and showing newer employees the same level of education that I received when in their shoes.” — Dante Gleason, media supervisor

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