Is your patient support services provider fulfilling its promise to your brand, your patients and your prescribing HCPs?

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Change may be inevitable, but it can also be painful. Which is why so many pharma companies avoid making the switch to a new services provider even when their legacy provider isn’t delivering the desired results.

TrialCard, a recognized leader in providing hub and patient support services, has developed a pain-free, streamlined process for all the stakeholders – from the brand’s patients and HCPs to the pharmacist.

As Kelly Davis Bennett, VP of patient affordability, Eric Willis, VP, product management and Lauren Malkovsky, senior director of client services, tell senior director of marketing Landy Townsend in this video, what makes TrialCard’s transitioning program truly special is its patient-first, end-to-end solution.

Focused on the patient journey, provider experience and the transition of data, TrialCard’s dedicated team of experts are committed to ensuring there is minimal disruption to ongoing hub and patient services.

The company’s motto? “No patient gets left behind.”