Ever since the pandemic turbocharged its growth, TikTok has become a haven for thousands of healthcare professionals. They, in turn, paved the way for psychiatrists, therapists and other mental health advocates to discuss any number of conditions, from ADHD to depression to bipolar disorder.

Now there are teens sincerely discussing their struggles, comedians breaking down stigmas and licensed therapists providing tips for managing anxiety — and most experts view the increased participation as a positive for the greater fight against mental illness.

Here are some of the top mental health advocates on TikTok. Relatedly, see a list of the top 12 physician influencers on Instagram and the top 10 doctor influencers on TikTok.

Lindsay Fleming

Licensed therapist Lindsay Fleming does more than help her clients manage anxiety and depression; she raises awareness about mental illness on a broader level. Many of Fleming’s videos break down stereotypes about seeking help for mental illness.

“If you had a broken ankle, would it be weak to go to the doctor? No,” she says in one video. “Would it be weak to put a cast on? No. Mental health and physical health are both equally important.”

Shani Tran

Shani Tran is a licensed professional clinical counselor who develops culturally inclusive mental health resources. With around 500,000 followers on TikTok, Tran uses the platform to make therapists seem more relatable. She’s also the founder of the Shani Project, which helps connect people to diverse therapists.

“Most of psychology comes from westernized thinking and most theories are by white men,” Tran’s bio states. “That doesn’t fit the population that I work with… My number one goal is to give you a safe place to own it.”

Despite her popularity on TikTok, Tran doesn’t conflate social media with actual therapy. “TikTok is not therapy,” she writes in her TikTok bio. In short: Tran wants you to put in the work.

Dr. Julie Smith

In Dr. Julie Smith’s TikToks, an overflowing trash can with paper signifies trauma and a Chinese finger trap symbolizes overwhelming anxiety. She’s especially skilled at breaking down the difference between panic attacks and anxiety attacks for her more than 3.3 million followers.


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Elyse Myers

Many mental health advocates on TikTok are ordinary people whose openness and vulnerability about their mental health struggles help others better understand their own challenges. With nearly 5 million followers, Elyse Myers uses comedy and down-to-earth communication to destigmatize mental illness.

“Why is talking about mental health so important to me? … There was a long stretch of my life where I was afraid to shower… because that was too much,” Myers says in one video. “I loathed myself so much. If you are there right now, I just want you to know I see you and understand you.”


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Matthias J. Barker

Psychotherapist Matthias J. Barker went viral on TikTok, and ultimately grew his following to 2.5 million, with monologue-like videos that made viewers feel like they were in a therapist’s office, complete with soft lighting and a calming voice. In his TikToks, he explains what it means to unpack childhood trauma and offers tips on communicating with partners or family members in more mindful ways.

Meanwhile, after going viral, Barker launched a podcast, which he describes as “discussions on moving toward what’s meaningful despite hardship.”

Chloe Hayden

Chloe Hayden has autism as well as ADHD, but her TikTok superpower is describing her struggles in colorful, lighthearted ways. She’s also skilled at breaking down stigmas about both conditions.

In one video, she says, “If there really is a multiverse out there, I hope neurodivergent minds are no longer being shut down and hurt and are finally being recognized for the brilliance that they are.” In another video, she describes her experience growing up with autism and facing bullying, pointing out that many people bully kids for being “weird” without realizing they may be bullying people who exhibit autism qualities.


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Jeff Guenther is the founder of therapist directory Therapy Den, but uses TikTok and Instagram to expand his reach as a licensed professional and couples counselor. Guenther’s TikTok boasts more than a million followers, who look to him for advice on how to manage relationships, dating and marriage.

Evan the Counselor

Evan the Counselor is a mental health educator and communicator who focuses on addiction. In his videos, he explores signs of addiction and explains addiction screening tests like CAGE. He has also broken down the difference between trauma therapy and regular therapy and used Hogwarts houses to explain terms like exposure therapy.


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Nadia Addesi

With 3 million followers on TikTok, social worker and psychotherapist Nadia Addesi uses the platform to teach young people how to boost confidence and use social media in healthy ways. In one video, she describes how to #DetoxYourFeed by muting or unfollowing accounts that negatively impact self-esteem.


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Micheline Maalouf

Not only has TikTok made it easier for people to communicate openly about mental health, but it has challenged assumptions about therapists as well. Micheline Maalouf is a licensed trauma therapist who is open about her own struggles with anxiety and mental health – and notes that her illness helps her empathize with her clients.


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Here are a few thing you can to to help it:1. Become aware of the signs and wrote them down 2. Tell a few close people what to look out for. For example my family knows to ask me how I’m doing if my house seems messy3. Create a plan to get help. Like having a friend come over and talk to you before it gets worse4. Be patient with yourself and remind yourself that it’s normal to go through ups and downs5. Focus on one thing at a time. One goal a day max! #mentalhealthawareness #mentalheal

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