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In the new Patient Economy, commonly used approaches are simply no longer effective for engaging patients—and more importantly, delivering better patient outcomes.

In the webinar, 5 Keys to Success in the New Patient Economy, you’ll learn tips and strategies for transforming your patient engagement model, along with the following:

• Why successful outcomes, not prescriptions, are the new measure of success
• What patients really want in the new Patient Economy
• Proven strategies for delivering superior patient experiences and outcomes
• Practical steps you can take to get started on your transformation


Maryann Kuzel, SVP, Head of Healthcare Strategy, North America, RAPP 

Maryann Kuzel is a Life Science executive and transformational leader who consistently drives brand growth through digital and marketing innovation for pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare companies. She has spent her career leading companies through the ever-evolving pharmaceutical and marketing landscape, while leveraging her deep expertise in customer engagement, smart data, analytics, and brand strategy. She writes and speaks extensively on topics related to the pharmaceutical industry.

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