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Date: Thursday, May 12
Time:1:00 PM EST / 10:00 AM PST

Do you hear it? The revolution is coming.

Let’s face it: despite all the money you’ve invested in reaching physicians on the Web, you have no idea who is showing up to your website or seeing your content. If 90% of your professional website visitors are consumers, how would you know? And, what would your marketing plan look like if you knew the name, specialty, and NPI# of physician website visitors in real-time? Wonder no more. A new generation of digital marketing possibilities is here. And, your competition is already signing up.

DMD Chief Product Officer David Reim will introduce a new technology to drive audience identity management for your brands. Get in line for the news that’s going to rock HCP marketing in 2016 and beyond.


David Reim, Chief Product Officer, DMD

A pioneer in applying digital marketing to pharma and healthcare, David Reim is chief product officer at DMD. Prior to DMD, Reim was the president of FanHealth Network, a mobile-app driven health and wellness company. Prior to that, he was president of SimStar, one of the first digital marketing agencies in healthcare. Subsequently, he ran the U.S. business unit for TNS Healthcare, one of the largest healthcare market research providers.

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