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SCHEMA: Creating a distinct value proposition for each brand begins with uncovering value drivers and access challenges. This serves to inform the strategy and pull-through plans we put forward to our clients. SCHEMA supports all divisions under BGB Group, ensuring flawless integration of a brand's access strategies into all we do. Our unique vantage point helps leverage HCP and patient campaigns across print, digital, and NPP channels to maximize performance. Seamless integration yields timing efficiencies, cost savings, consistent procedures, and most notable, a unified brand message across audiences and media. SCIOD Our boutique life science strategy consulting firm is designed to support our clients' forward momentum in the face of ever increasing complexity and scientific advancement. The success for products, portfolios, and companies as a whole is largely driven by strategic decisions made in the early stages of the lifecycle. We have elite minds with scientific backgrounds and diverse business experience on-staff, ready to bolster efforts including research development, pipeline analysis and prioritization, endpoint analysis, customer insight mining, franchise or corporate strategy, and lifecycle optimization planning.
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