This year’s MM+M Agency 100 is ready to rock the house. Here, some of the medical marketing world’s headline performers turn up the volume with interactive profiles that detail their biggest hits (The Merch Stand), video sit-downs with the stars themselves (MM+M TV), podcasts that share the stories behind the sound (MM+M’s Studio Sessions) and behind-the-scenes video that primes audiences for their next show (The Opening Act).

The Merch Stand


Avant Healthcare | One Brand. One Avant.

At Avant Healthcare, we’re uniquely equipped and ready to help your brand meet the moment.

ConcentricLife | Transforming the Modern Health Experience

How can companies adapt to meet the new and evolved needs of the consumer?

Hale Advisors | “Is omnichannel even right for pharma?”

After years of focusing on Omnichannel transformation, are pharmas finally now activating successfully?

Insagic: The essential precursor to modern marketing

Healthcare marketing is at an inflection point. Clients don’t need more data—they need more insight.

Relevate Health | Breaking through the HCP clutter with data-driven, personalized omnichannel engagement

MM+M’s editor-at-large Marc Iskowitz is joined by Relevate Health’s CEO, Tim Pantello, and vice president, corporate development, Julie Granberry.

MM+M Studio Sessions

AbelsonTaylor | The future of generative AI in pharma marketing

Generative AI creates both opportunities and challenges for pharma marketers.

AbelsonTaylor | Marketing attribution comes of age in pharma

Rebecca Visconti takes us through how her agency, AbelsonTaylor, is helping pharma brands track and measure the impact of each touchpoint with their healthcare practitioner audiences.

Avant Healthcare | The voice of customer experience (CX)

At Avant Healthcare, we focus on ensuring our customers’ message is not only heard, but amplified and actioned.

Benchworks | The power of pivot

With founder and CEO Thad Bench, we explore the entrepreneurial journey of the BW Health Group.

Biolumina | Just Oncology?

Finding purpose and inspiration in an often-misunderstood category.

ClinicalMind | Culture is a winning business strategy

In this conversation we talk about culture, what makes great culture work, and the impact it can have on a company, its people and for its clients.

CMI Media Group and Compas Redefining Pharma | How to effectively and authentically apply DEI within an agency

At CMI Media Group and Compas, the approach to diversity, equity and inclusion is strategic and unique.

ConcentricLife | Designing the modern health experience

“Experience” is a word that has a number of different meanings. But at the end of the day, our industry should be delivering more meaningful and compelling experiences between brands and their audiences.

CrowdPharm: Why agencies need to evolve now

Today’s environment requires dramatic transformation if agencies are going to be able to continue to deliver.

Deerfield Agency | Dissecting the Anatomy of Marketing: Powering brand stories of life science innovation

The partners of Deerfield Agency are here to break down their holistic approach to healthcare marketing.

Elevate Health | Challenge accepted

Elevate was purpose-built to lift healthcare challenger brands to new heights with unique positioning, innovative strategies and disruptive creativity that challenges the status quo.

Fishawack Health | Living Brands: Doing well by doing good.

The marketing division at FH has recently appointed Mario Muredda as president and promoted tenured executive Ryan Mason to chief marketing and creative officer. In this conversation we’ll learn about their experience at FH and more.

Healthcare Consultancy Group | How to be transformational in times of transformation? The exciting times of medical communications.

In a time of transformation for medical communications, this brings great opportunity for pharma and agencies alike.

i2 Vision | Gone is the traditional agency; in is the agency hybrid

Hybrid agencies offering services that include strategy, data analytics and technology and position themselves as an extension of a client’s marketing team have the greatest opportunity for success.

IPG Health | Beyond the bot: Improving omnichannel patient and HCP engagement with conversational AI

We discuss the evolution of conversational AI in healthcare, current trends, and that hot topic that people can’t stop talking about, generative AI.

Imre Health | Red hot Imre Health defies healthcare convention and radicalizes innovation en route to AOR streak

As an agency that just reached 30 years in business, Imre is an independent agency relentless in its pursuit to positively defy the conventions of life sciences marketing.

Juice Pharma Worldwide | Unleashing the power of purpose in pharma brands

Hear how Juice Pharma Worldwide catalyzes the potential charge of molecules into kinetic brand energy.

Lippe Taylor | Redefining Pharma: From tech-enabled analytics to the breakthrough of earned-first creative

In this episode, the agency’s CEO and chief creative officer (Paul Dyer and Craig Elimeliah) talk about how Friction Mapping, Earned-First Creative and more.

LiveWorld | Getting creative while remaining compliant in social media

This podcast delves into the strategies for developing innovative digital and social media campaigns that not only captivate audiences but also adhere to regulatory guidelines.

Pixacore | 3 digital prescriptions for better planning in 2023

Our multi-industry experience solves for the omnichannel age.

Propeller | Driving a New Digital Revolution: Making innovation actionable

In this episode of Agency 100 Studio Sessions, Charlie Flax, founder and CEO of Propeller, talks about the approach for making innovation actionable and achievable—from driving a people-first culture to doing AI-firsts.

Real Chemistry | Powered by AI + ideas

How artificial intelligence and innovative ideas can work together to improve healthcare.

Relevate Health | Breaking through the HCP clutter with data-driven, personalized omnichannel engagement

MM+M’s editor-at-large Marc Iskowitz is joined by Relevate Health’s CEO, Tim Pantello, and vice president, corporate development, Julie Granberry.

RevHealth | The 4 active pillars of agency strategy

RevHealth has developed the Strategy practice to meet the needs of our clients’ products and deliver services that perform in market.

Opening Act