CMI Media Group and Compas
2000 Market Street Suite 2975
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103
Year Founded
Parent Company
North American Revenue 2022
Full-time Employees 2022
Number of clients 2022
North America
Cherry Hill, NJ Chicago, IL Costa Mesa, CA New York, NY Parsippany, NJ Philadelphia, PA
Executives & Senior Management
Andrew Miller
EVP, Digital Activation, CMI Media Group
Becky Frederick
EVP, Client Finance, CMI Media Group
Eugene Lee
COO, CMI Media Group and Compas
Senior Management
Andrew Miller Executive Vice President, Digital Activation, CMI Media Group
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Capabilities/Services Offered
Professional Consumer OTC Direct Marketing Media Planning Payer Data/Analytics
New Services
New Departments/Groups/Units: Ecommerce, Video, University Learning Services, Customer Excellence, Communications Planning & Strategy, Audience Intelligence Group, Technology & Data Business Unit Centers of Excellence: Inclusive Media, Point of Care, Audio, Out of Home, Video, Ecommerce New Employee Resource Groups: Thrive (Thrive was created to encourage acceptance of our physical, mental, and emotional differences by reframing perceptions, celebrating diversity, and ultimately lifting up our employees to their greatest potential. We believe there are no weaknesses, only differences, and each makes us stronger as a whole.), Shalom (Shalom promotes a strong understanding of Judaism to foster a climate of camaraderie and respect through a powerful understanding of and appreciation for the Jewish heritage.), AZAP (AZAP is a resource for Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPi) employees and allies. Their mission is to promote AAPI educational, cultural, and social awareness among our colleagues and communities.)
New Roles
Roles Added 6 Roles Rebecca Mills - Executive Vice President, Group Client Director, CMI Media Group, for our Executive Leadership Team
2022 Growth from Existing Clients
2022 Growth from New Clients