MM&M Awards: Going for Gold

MM&M Editor James Chase holds a breakfast meeting to run through the rules

Triax Pharmaceuticals Marketing Director Aleen Hosdaghian reads through the small print

Sanofi Global Marketing Manager Adrian Goodall chews over his verdict

GSW Worldwide Chief Creative Officer Bruce Rooke offers a few pointers

Roger May, Senior Director of Marketing at Siemens, assesses materials

Rich Levy, CCO at Draftfcb Healthcare with teammates Reaves West, Global MarComm Dir. at Merck and Amy Chafin, Global Onc. Marketing Dir. at Lilly

Reaves West from Merck proves that judging can be fun

John Hosier, Group Marketing Dir. at Eisai, thinks outside the box

Peter Shaw from MD Mindset reads a sales aid

The exhibit area became a haven for creative directors

ARt Wilschek from NEJM and Peter Justason from Purdue in the act of synchronized thinking

Mike Myers of Palio is flanked by Hugo Brown from Vertex and Kevin McDermott from Aptalis Pharma

Mike Boken from Shire weighs up sales materials

Stephen Neal from Abelson Taylor, John Hosier from Shire, Debra Sangiuliano from Pfizer and Lars Merk from McNeil Consumer Healthcare discuss multichannel campaigns

David Grillo from Blue Diesel, Steve Hamburg of LLNS and Bruce Rooke from GSW study the boards

Stephen Calabrese from Novartis Oncology and Goodall from Sanofi on digital duty
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