StoneArch and Medela

This team reported that many new parents feel pressure and judgment about breastfeeding. The Through It All website was created to help breastfeeding product company Medela stand out by realistically showing ways in which families can make breastfeeding work.

Research revealed peer-to-peer communication and video content would prove most effective, so the team put out a social media call for families to submit stories. Ten families of varied background from across the U.S. were chosen to participate in video and photo shoots. The 52 videos and 9,000 photos that resulted were shown on the website and across channels.

The videos were well done and clearly reflected the diverse, imperfect, and sometimes-chaotic lives of young families. The site also included other educational content, related products, and personalized mom-to-mom tips. Visitors were encouraged to join Medela’s social media community to continue conversations and share wisdom.

One judge described the content as clear and concise and applauded the site’s diversity.

Results included 34,133 unique page views (with average time per page view of more than 2.5 minutes), 11,965 video views, and 1,427 Facebook likes, shares, and comments. More than 8% of visitors engaged other Medela properties.


FCB Health and PharmaDerm

Encouraging toenail fungus sufferers to stop hiding their feet and start treating their condition helped second-to- market product Kerydin gain traction.

Graphics, icons, and copy that “tuck” and “untuck” on the website parallel the overall “Stop Tucking, Start Treating” call to action.

Judges found that the site was engaging, straightforward, and easy to navigate.


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