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Free Killer Tan  
Agency: Area 23 
Client: Mollie’s Fund  

The nonprofit Mollie’s Fund was founded in honor of Mollie Biggane, who died of melanoma at age 20. The organization is dedicated to melanoma education and prevention. 

An Area 23 representative reported that in spite of well-documented links between tanning beds and melanoma, one million American young adults still tan every day.

“Most people accept that UV radiation from tanning beds is harmful, and yet young people don’t make the connection to deadly melanoma and continue to tan at alarming rates,” an agency representative said. “Mollie’s Fund had a desire to inspire real behavior change. But [it] only had a $3,000 budget.” 

Area 23’s solution was the dramatic “Free Killer Tan” campaign, which revolved around a video of shocked would-be tanners who discovered they were attending their own funerals rather than getting a free indoor tan. 

“Simple, engaging, dramatic,” one judge noted.  

Results included 120 million+ media impressions; 2 million video views on YouTube and Facebook combined; and petitions to ban indoor tanning on university campuses. 

“This campaign is out- standing, impactful and very effective in communicating the risks of tanning,” commented a second judge. 

“This is a phenomenal idea to change behavior,” a third judge said. “The in-person impact was well done and led to uptake.” 

AHA Rhythm Rescue 
Agency: CDM New York  
Client: The American Heart Association  

Rhythm Rescue is a multiplayer two-screen interactive experience that uses gaming principals to teach the correct rhythm for administering hands-only CPR. 

Introduced at the AHA’s New York City gala, it garnered high participation among 800 attendees and inspired CPR class enrollment. 

The approach and highly effective use of gamification impressed judges.

■ Area 23 and Mollie’s Fund for Free Killer Tan
■ CDM New York and The American Heart Association for AHA Rhythm Rescue 
■ CDM New York and Stupid Cancer for Get Cancer
■ HCB Health and HCB Health for Father’s Day Colon Cancer Awareness Campaign
■ Saatchi and Saatchi Well­­ness and Coalition to Stop Gun Violence for Gun Control