ReachMD excels at finding its audience of healthcare professionals exactly where they want to be found — whether that’s via email, catching up on Facebook or listening to its radio stations. 

This year, that mission took on new meaning. Its content machine went into overdrive, producing 265 programs for the COVID-19: On the Frontlines series. Spotify selected this COVID-19 guide, placing it alongside material from Johns Hopkins University, ABC News and CNN. The show sparked 250,000 engagements, while its news coverage connected with 500,000 readers.

But it did much more. It redesigned the mobile app, launched a radio station dedicated to oncologists and added advertising. And it introduced Global Heart Failure Academy as both a microsite and a full-feature series, adding 28 English and/or German programs.

ReachMD also continues to enhance its Connected Insights Ecosystem, which tracks 350 behaviors. It remembers what they like and where they left off, measures learning and makes recommendations. 

With the mission of delivering digital experiences that help providers succeed in the practice of medicine, these enhancements allow it to layer data from the ecosystem, providing a personalized and solution-oriented experience.

This approach delivered a 74% increase in engagements on specialty sites and industry-leading time-in-media scores. 

But perhaps its most significant win came from Heroes in Healthcare, a social media campaign that invited providers to call out frontline workers who went above the call of duty. “Frankly, we were blown away,” ReachMD says, scoring a 62.4% increase in link clicks and a 45% increase in engagements.