In vaccination-obsessed 2020, Walmart knew its annual approach to flu shots had to be different. For one thing, the retailer had not historically been a major player in immunizations marketing, and the public had low awareness of its flu-shot services, even as its pharmacy and health screenings gained ground.

But because of the pandemic, more people focused on getting their flu shot, with nearly 70% intending to get the vaccine, compared to 40-50% in prior years. 

With this campaign, Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness harnessed people’s desire to protect family and friends with a simple call to action: spark community service. Every asset showed how getting a flu shot reflects care for their community. By strengthening themselves, they build stronger neighborhoods, making the world better for the ones they love. 

Using social ads, videos, web banners, music streaming and weather-specific display ads, the campaign featured personal stories of Walmart customers all over the country — farmers, factory workers, small-business owners and multi-generational families. Paid channels drove users to Walmart’s online scheduler, located within a flu hub that featured an animated video about the importance of getting yearly vaccinations. The video’s approachable style made flu shots less intimidating and highlighted how individual bubbles of immunity protect those around us.

Our judges love how the campaign demonstrates “community immunity,” pulling it through every executional detail. The effort helped Walmart give 3.5 million flu shots — a 30% gain from the prior year. This initiative helped position Walmart well for a successful COVID-19 vaccine rollout.