While most people get their shingles vaccinations at pharmacies, GSK’s research shows pharmacists feel a little lost discussing the shots with customers — especially when to comes to insurance coverage. That means they are missing opportunities for vaccination.

This effort comes from GSK’s conviction that pharmacists don’t get the respect they deserve. Through vaccinations, they play an essential role as community protectors. But because shingles vaccinations are often only administered on request, they have less experience with what to say about Shingrix. So while pharmacists are excited about their role in preventing shingles, they need help when it comes to questions about insurance.

GSK and Area 23 skipped the typical “talking heads” video format and went for satire, injecting a little more playfulness into the outreach effort.

The video shows a “behind the scenes” glimpse of a demanding director, an eager cast and lots of tension as filming repeatedly gets interrupted. Eventually, the actor portraying the pharmacist delivers the breakout performance of her career and truly nails the insurance coverage conversation.

It then deployed the creative so that pharmacists could get more comfortable with checking patients’ insurance coverage quickly and efficiently. Sales reps used the videos to capture the attention of the retailers’ mid-level managers one-on-one. After selling managers on the approach, it enlisted their support to drive their pharmacists to the videos via email. The eight largest U.S. major retail pharmacy chains adopted the campaign for its pharmacists.