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The American College of Physicians (ACP) called for the FDA to be empowered to label newer drugs as such and to restrict consumer advertising of them. In a policy paper titled Improving FDA Regulation of Prescription Drugs, the group said the agency needs more funding and greater powers, including authorization to require that new drugs carry labeling indicating their new-to-market status and that DTC advertising be restricted for the first two years a drug is on the market.

Proctor & Gamble announced that Serena Williams would star in the latest iteration of its “Outsmart Mother Nature” print ad campaign for Tampax. Williams is pictured defeating Tampax's Mother Nature character, who tries to deliver her “monthly gift” in an attempt at throwing the tennis great off her game.

Myriad Genetics extended its hereditary breast cancer awareness campaign with ads in five Midwestern states in September. The campaign targets women—ages 25 to 54 with family or personal histories of breast or ovarian cancer—and their doctors, said Ogilvy, the campaign's PR firm. TV spots running on network channels through spring of 2010 will include branded messages for the BRACAnalysis test.
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