TargetRx launches the FieldPerformanceAdvantage tool

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TargetRx unveiled FieldPerformanceAdvantage, an industry tool designed to help pharmaceutical and biotech companies understand how in-field sales and marketing initiatives are actually performing at driving prescribing and how to quickly improve these initiatives as the market continues to undergo rapid change.

FieldPerformanceAdvantage measures the effectiveness of sales and marketing activities at driving prescribing, in addition to measuring utilization and sales rep activities.

By tracking all aspects of rep interactions with physicians and then isolating the impact of these interactions on actual prescribing behavior, TargetRx has identified the five actionable drivers of prescribing that have consistently shown the greatest impact on prescribing within and across categories. 

These drivers are similar to those in previously released Sales and Marketing Quality Reports. 

The five drivers are classified into two categories: Foundation Drivers—The core platform for a brand's in-field promotional activities, including messages and sales reps. Execution Drivers—Actions that, when executed often and effectively, have proven to drive prescribing behavior, including patient identification, detail piece/communication aids, and closing. 

Through FieldPerformanceAdvantage, each of these drivers for a brand can be measured, managed, and improved, allowing sales and marketing management teams to track progress and seize opportunities to increase effectiveness.
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