July 01, 2018 - MM&M - Medical Marketing and Media

Print Issue: July 01, 2018

Relevate Health Group | 2018

2016 was a pseudo-startup year, as Relevate Health Group consolidated resources and approaches. In 2017, that infrastructure work started to pay off.

Natrel | 2018

Last year, the Natrel underwent what general manager Nicole Hyland calls a “soft relaunch” around bilateral branding, a new strategy that pairs data and analytics with “sentiment-based information”: emotion, semiotics, ethnography, and anthropology.

Flywheel | 2018

According to Flywheel’s executive team, the company enters every year with the same goal: To grow responsibly.

Razorfish Health | 2018

Razorfish Health’s managing director David Paragamian believes the only agencies that will be able to report growth next year will be those that build new structures and offerings, bringing the best of leading lifestyle, B2B, and consumer brands into the context of health.

MicroMass Communications | 2018

2017 may have been the year that the agency world finally got wise to the charms of behavioral science, but MicroMass Communications didn’t buy into the buzz. Why? Because the firm has been preaching the behavioral-science gospel for about 25 years now.