July 01, 2018 - MM&M - Medical Marketing and Media

Print Issue: July 01, 2018

W2O | 2018

W2O CEO and chairman Jim Weiss, who founded the agency in 2001, says that 2017 marked the agency’s 16th straight year of double-digit growth.

Pacific Communications | 2018

Pacific Communications began rolling out a new program it calls BAI, which stands for brave, authentic and inspiring, to help create ads with more impact.

GSW | 2018

GSW spent much of 2017 dealing with the pressure of not one but two mergers.

ApotheCom | 2018

Preaching the high-science gospel proved a smart decision for ApotheCom, with oncology and specialized-medicine clients now comprising more than half of its overall business mix.

Vivo Agency | 2018

Vivo Agency prides itself on its ability to market companies themselves and the suite of solutions they provide, rather than just products.

Sandbox | 2018

Sandbox’s growth in 2017 was fueled by an influx of new – and distinct – business.