In 2021, Lars Bengston joined Havas Health & You as the network’s first chief content officer, an innovative move in step with his track record of helping brands leverage their impact through powerful storytelling. 

In his role as head of branded content at Thrive Global, Bengston grew revenue fivefold compared to the previous year. In early 2020, he co-created the web hit Some Good News with John Krasinski in order to spread good news during the darkest days of the pandemic. The series exploded to over 8 million fans with 100 million views across platforms, giving back over $20 million with brand partnerships from AT&T, PepsiCo, Starbucks and FedEx. 

Since joining Havas, Bengston launched the Content Assembly, a diverse team of content strategists, creators and innovators built to help the health and wellness industry recognize its potential for engaging content and storytelling.