When MM+M puts out the annual call to the industry for its 40 Under 40 list, we’re never disappointed by the responses.

Year after year, healthcare companies and medical marketing agencies jump at the opportunity to nominate their most influential and promising young leaders and recognize them for their accomplishments. And why wouldn’t they?

Generational leadership and top talent don’t just happen. If they did, everyone would have high-quality leadership and this list wouldn’t exist.

The caliber of the leaders highlighted below is due to several factors, some inherent to the person while others are the result of a time-tested process. In the course of a few years, these leaders have been cultivated, nurtured and supported by organizations that have fostered an ambitious culture of success.

This year, that slate of companies includes the likes of GoodRx, Havas Life New York, Novartis, CMI Media Group, Allergan Aesthetics, Klick Health and many more.

In giving these leaders their flowers, we reflect on the pressing need for dynamic, proactive leadership in a rapidly changing world. If the COVID-19 pandemic taught us anything, it’s that individuals who have the foresight, knowledge and gumption to make decisions that benefit the greater good are key pieces to our societal fabric and should be celebrated more often.

Let our list serve as an opportunity to applaud those who achieved so much in such a short period of time and encourage those on the come-up that we can’t wait to hear from in the years to come.