A first-time C-suite executive with more than a decade of experience in brand building in B2C and B2B settings, Michelle Crow began her career as a marketing associate and the sole marketing team member at Thorne Research, a subsidiary of Thorne HealthTech. Over the course of 10 years, she has risen to become the company’s CMO within a rapidly shifting health-and-wellness landscape, tripling the size of her marketing team and enabling Thorne HealthTech to successfully launch as a DTC company. 

In the last year, Crow leveraged strategy and insights to help Thorne increase net sales by 33.8% to $185.2 million, improve and increase gross profit by 50.3% and increase the company’s active customer subscriptions by 65.5%. Crow takes pride in running all media-buying in-house — an increasingly unheard-of endeavor for a brand of Thorne’s stature.