HCB Health acquires Topin & Associates

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Kerry Hilton, CEO, HCB Health
Kerry Hilton, CEO, HCB Health

HCB Health, a Southwest medical device agency, acquired Chicago communications firm Topin & Associates in a bid to expand its presence to pharma clients and in the Midwest.

Topin & Associates will now adopt the moniker Topin & Associates, an HCB Health company. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Kerry Hilton, HCB's CEO, told MM&M the deal was years in the making, and it began over lunch with Al Topin, president of Topin & Associates. “Al and I first met and struck a friendship over lunch two years ago and had the wild idea to go in together on a few business opportunities and partner with some of each's others clients,” Hilton said

“We eventually realized we had so many things in common. So, it really came from a series of friendships, to dating, and eventually, ‘Hey, let's get married,'” Hilton explained, laughing.

“We knew each other and we had worked together,” Topin added, “the fit was good. And from my point of view, it provided more opportunity for growth and continuity with our staff.”


There are no planned reductions in staff. The combined company will have 75 employees, including the 22 staffers in the Chicago office, where Topin will continue to serve as president.

Nancy Beesley, chief marketing officer of HCB, said that a new shingle in Chicago allows the Austin-based agency the flexibility to serve clients on either coast, along with the added bonus that Topin and HCB's client rosters are void of conflict. “Chicago is a perfect fit for us,” she said. “We can easily access the East and West Coast very efficiently, and we've found that we can now access a much larger body of clients.”

In addition to shorter travel times from the agency to client offices, Hilton said that HCB will also benefit Topin & Associates by bolstering its digital and media capabilities.

“We're a stronger agency with more critical mass,” Topin chimed in. “We're offering the same resources, capabilities and departments with greater depth now—it's a more complete package for clients.”

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