When ClinicalMind’s 10-year-old organizational software program was no longer meeting client needs, the company made a bold move and scrapped it. In its place, ClinicalMind rolled out CMGO, a cloud-based digital engagement platform designed to help clients track and manage a wide range of HCP-adjacent activities. 

“When there is clear communication between pharma and healthcare practitioners, the messages that need to trickle down to patient care are also clearer, which contributes directly to the quality of care,” notes VP of marketing Bart Zoni. “We wanted pharma to have the kind of tool that Meta would be proud of delivering.”

By simplifying the grunt work that program launches often demand, CMGO frees up clients — and ClinicalMind
creatives — to devote their attention elsewhere. In addition to launching the new platform, the company devoted considerable energy during 2022 to elevating its publications and medical communications capabilities. The purchase of partner companies MedVal Scientific Information Services and PharmaWrite in late 2021 gave ClinicalMind more resources to grow its work in these areas.

Revenue surged from $43.4 million in 2021 to $48.3 million in 2022, an 11% gain. The agency added work from Novo Nordisk, Sierra Oncology, Novocure, Luzsana Biotechnology, Springworks Therapeutics, Aadi Bioscience and BioMarin to a client roster that already included Gilead, GSK, AbbVie, Genentech, Novartis, Sarepta Therapeutics and Neurelis.  

Staff size grew to 265 by the end of 2022, up from 223 at its outset. Among the notable additions were GM, medical communications Amy Graham, who arrived from Ogilvy Health, and GM, technology Kyle Gunderson, who joined from Lolo Health.

VP, business development Trish Doolin attributes the company’s recent growth in part to its “lightning-fast” pace. She notes that in the realm of rare diseases and its small patient populations, market dynamics can, and do, change quickly. That makes ClinicalMind’s in-house collection of M.D.s, Ph.D.s and PharmDs invaluable at a time when client organizations are demanding nimbleness and flexibility. 

“With our in-depth knowledge of rare disease, we provide a unique perspective around the complex science of rare diseases with a blend of compassion, patient understanding, cultural competency and scientific acumen,” Doolin says. 

Given that heavy subject matter often fills the days of ClinicalMind staffers, the company continues to go out of its way to clear time for team-building opportunities. During the fall company retreat in Vermont, employees in groups ranging from accounting to medical to creative spent an afternoon honing their storytelling skills. One exercise even charged teams with rewriting the endings of popular movies. 

“We think that modern storytelling is key for the healthcare industry in the 21st century, and having fun is contagious,” says Zoni. “If we are working to make people’s lives better in this modern world, this kind of fun and creativity is critical.”

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Our marketing role model…

Patagonia, a company that does an amazing job demonstrating the power of mission-driven marketing. Its Don’t Buy This Jacket campaign is a fantastic example of this. It showcased the company’s commitment to the environment, customer focus and dedication to quality at a time when many of its competitors were leaning into a planned-obsolescence approach. — Zoni

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