We’re excited to bring back MM&M’s Best Places to Work survey for 2020! While we certainly recognize the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically altered the way all of us work, we also felt that it was more important than ever before to gauge how companies have been impacted during these turbulent times, and how they are handling communication and engagement with their staff, as well as ensuring their employees’ safety remains a top priority. 

While the overall idea remains the same — recognizing some of the healthcare industry’s Best Places to Work — we wanted to be sure to acknowledge the fact that companies are at various points on the work-from-home vs. return-to-work continuum, and have therefore reworked certain sections of the survey to reflect the current reality we are all facing.  As in the past, the results will be featured in our December 2020 edition.

All companies interested in filling out the 2020 Best Places to Work survey must first submit this form. Afterward, the registrant will be contacted about payment. It is recommended that all companies fill out this form by September 11 in order to ensure there is enough time for staffers to complete the Best Places to Work survey by Friday, September 21st at 11:59pm ET. No extensions will be granted.

Honorees will be recognized in these five categories:

  1. Small Agency (0-50 US staffers) – No fewer than 5 current employees must take the survey to be considered
  2. Midsize Agency (51-200 US staffers) – No fewer than 10 current employees must take the survey to be considered
  3. Large Agency (201+ US staffers) – No fewer than 25 current employees must take the survey to be considered
  4. Healthcare Product manufacturers (pharma, biotech, medtech)
  5. Life Science Support companies (media, data, IT, etc.)

Pricing is as follows:

  • Standard Entry Fee $299
  • Entry Fee + Comparative Analysis & Premium Report (Subscriber-Only Rate) $799
  • Entry Fee + Comparative Analysis & Premium Report (Non-Subscribers) $899
  • Best Places To Work Premium Report for Non-Participants $1,199

Note: We are only surveying for US employees. When we ask for staff numbers, we are only asking about US staff. And only US staffers are to take the survey.

Any questions? Contact [email protected] for more information.