How to stay fit during launch

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Walk your dogs to a healthy brand
Walk your dogs to a healthy brand

Increasing endorphins can lead you through launch and on to a profitable brand.

It was 10:30 on a Friday night and I was out walking my two dogs. As we strode along, I reflected on the workweek just completed. It had been stressful, with multiple demands that required long hours in the office. If you're in the midst of launching your first product, I could be describing your week, too.

Well. I took a deep breath, and continued walking. Slowly, my mind cleared and I began to relax. I focused on all that I had accomplished during the hectic week. Perspective returned. I didn't feel so overwhelmed. And I could begin to think about the next steps…

Launching a new product is an incredibly intense time. You work long hours, eat on the fly and don't get enough sleep.

So here's my survival tip to ensure you have a successful launch. Exercise.

No time to go to the gym? Exercising has a cumulative effect. If you can't find a 30-minute block of time (and let's face it, you are in the middle of a launch), try walking for 15 minutes in the morning and another 15 minutes before going to bed. Not enough time for that? Then try three 10-minute blocks during the course of the day.

Exercise can improve your life in 7 specific ways.

Exercise improves your mood

Waiting for the FDA to approve your product's name, waiting for an approved label, waiting for promotional materials to be developed and then approved… it's enough to put anyone in a foul mood.

According to the Mayo Clinic, physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that may leave you feeling happier and more relaxed than you were before you worked out.

Exercise boosts your energy level

You have a million details to see to before leaving the office. Before reaching for another cup of coffee or a high-octane soda, grab a sweater and head outside. A brisk walk around your building will revive you.

That's because physical activity delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues. Regular exercise helps your entire cardiovascular system work more efficiently, so you'll have more energy for a successful launch.

Exercise promotes better sleep

When I'm in the middle of a large project, I get out of bed every few minutes to scribble another entry on my to-do list. Is this your habit during launch?

Regular physical activity can help you fall asleep faster and deepen your sleep. A good night's sleep can improve your concentration, productivity, and mood.

Exercise combats chronic diseases

You are busy trying to hire and train a sales force to call on HCPs to promote your product. You don't have time to dwell on potential chronic diseases.

The Mayo Clinic says regular exercise can help prevent future chronic problems.

Exercise helps you manages your weight

When you engage in physical activity, you burn calories. And, the more calories you burn, the easier it is to keep your weight under control.

Remember my mentioning three 10-minute walks? The Mayo Clinic says that physical activity accumulated throughout the day helps you burn calories.

Exercise enhances your sex life

Are you too tired and preoccupied during launch for sex? The Mayo Clinic recommends exercise as the solution.

Exercise creates fun experiences

Engage in a physical activity that you enjoy. I love spending time with my dogs, so we walk. Now, if I could just convince my family to join us, we could have some real quality time together.

The Mayo Clinic has several tips for squeezing exercise into your hectic life. And remember, there is life (and more time to exercise) after your PDUFA date.

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