Knitting for biotech brand managers

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Launch your brand while knitting!
Launch your brand while knitting!

8 reasons why knitting can help you launch your brand.

A biotech brand launch is intimidating, what with all the details and decisions. Good preparation and organization, along with outstanding creativity, are some of the tools you will need.

As you balance the demands of an upcoming launch, you need an outlet for your stress: something that enables you to express your emotional and creative energies.  Knitting is a perfect solution.

1. Knitting is cool. People are drawn to knitters, and to a non-knitter of any age, the simplest pattern is impressive. My own kids and their friends are so fascinated with my knitting that they begged me to teach them.

Many famous knitters, like professional athletes and actors, make headlines with their knitting.

Jacques Plante, goalie for the NHL Montreal Canadiens, said knitting is good for his nerves.

Julia Roberts knits during downtime on movie sets.

Rosie Grier, who played for the New York Giants and later the Los Angeles Rams, was a confirmed knitter and needlepointer.

2. Knitting is for everyone. Absolutely anyone can knit. Knitting can be easily learned in just a few minutes with the assistance of a skilled friend, a quick course, or even a YouTube video. Your fingers and hands quickly get their own rhythm. Before you realize it, you have mastered knitting. Some elementary schools teach children as young as seven how to knit.

3. Knitting is convenient. It doesn't take up a lot of room, and the equipment can be limited to a pair of needles and some skeins of yarn. Projects in progress are easily transported, so you can always have your latest project with you.

4. Knitting is productive. Knitting doesn't require much start-up time, so you can pull it out anytime you have a few minutes.  Waiting to board a plane or for a sales meeting to start can be less frustrating, even enjoyable, if you can churn out a few rows on your latest project.

5. Knitting is generous. Recipients of hand-knit gifts are often deeply touched by the time and energy that went into creating so personal and meaningful a gift.

6. Knitting is therapeutic. The repetitive motion of knitting is calming, and the sense of accomplishment as your creation takes shape can help soothe jangled prelaunch nerves and help you to think clearly.

7. Knitting is creative. Knitting can be as creative as you want it to be.  Patterns are great for people with limited artistic talent and slight anal retentive tendencies, like me.  Or you might choose to alter a pattern, or knit free style. Yarns are available in thousands of textures and colors.  You can knit the same baby hat in 50 different colors, or you can explore the endless patterns available in knitting stores and online.

8. Knitting is good for the mind. The loops build into rows, which turn into sections, which is perfect for someone who thrives on order and organization.

So, grab a skein of yarn and some needles, and knit yourself to a successful launch. You'll be glad you knitted.

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