Cegedim Dendrite CRM solution moving to BlackBerry

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Cegedim Dendrite customers will soon be able to access Mobile Intelligence, the company's flagship CRM platform from their BlackBerrys. The rollout is expected to launch sometime in the late third quarter and early fourth quarter.

“We've gotten a lot of questions from our customers over the last year about how they could use a BlackBerry and how we could leverage this platform. For many of our customers the BlackBerry has become a standard issue for their commercial teams,” said Mark Fleischer, SVP & general manager, North American CRM.

At a company conference in New York City, Fleischer said that the first phase of the BlackBerry rollout will be an online application. Using the BlackBerry data network, end users will be able to access Mobile Intelligence in order to manage customers, appointments, affiliations, and call reporting.

“A lot of commercial team members [reps and account managers], especially the ones that may be involved in account-based selling don't like to carry a big bag on their shoulders, they prefer the ability to move around at their account locations and connect with people. They can do that more easily with the BlackBerry,” said Fleischer.

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