FDA asks social media "how'm I doin?"

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The FDA's Center for Drug Evaluation and Research's Office of Communications wants to get a sense of how well it's doing in terms of social media, and has outlined a project which it hopes will provide just this type of feedback.

The Statement of Work says the division wants a subscription service which will “manage and monitor traditional and social media service” so the FDA group can “monitor and measure the message reach and sentiment in real time” and “gain access to the message impact to the geographic area.” CDER's communication folks also want to be able to identify influencers and have the opportunity to “target communication and address information gaps.”

The statement of work shows that FDA is not just talking text—it wants to be able to assess photos, audio and video posts. The FDA also wants to capture as much chatter as possible, which means tracking channels as varied as blogs, forums and e-commerce sites, as opposed to relying on only traditional media outlets.

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