Physicians Interactive

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Company Profile
Physicians Interactive®, a division of Allscripts, is the leading provider of strategic relationship management solutions. We help Life Science companies build an electronic dialogue with healthcare providers and deliver key messaging to target audiences to increase prescription levels. 

Physicians Interactive is also an innovator in helping Life Sciences companies develop interactive adult learning programs that deliver valuable education about medical products and disease states.
We build applications that break through the clutter physicians see in their email and on their desk to achieve a better ROI.

Services and Offerings
Physicians Interactive has a suite of integrated relationship management products and professional services that can be executed at the right time, targeted to the right HCPs to get you the best ROI. This process has been refined over the past decade and helps take your message from hard copy to full-blown interactive power.   

  • PI eDetail
  • PI Convention
  • PI QuickScript
  • PI QuickSpot
  • PI Interplay
  • PI Opinion Leader
  • Clinical Update Communication
  • Enterprise Relationship Management Solutions and Services
The Impact of eMarketing for New Brands in Crowded Market
A leading pharmaceutical company contacted Physicians Interactive to develop a series of eMarketing solutions to increase Brand A's NRxs and market penetration versus its competitors. The target audience for this series of interactions was PCPs and Cardiologists.

The objectives of this eMarketing project:
  • Utilize 3-wave eDetailing™ solution and  engaged 6,250 targeted physicians
  • Collect message comprehension and market research-focused data from target physicians
  • Integrate eDetailing initiative with current sales team targeting to deliver complementary value-add services

As measured by an independent third party, the following outlines the project's performance:
  • Regardless of the number of waves that physicians were exposed to, the eDetail program significantly increased all test physicians' Brand A NRx writing behavior compared to their respective control groups
  • The impact was more selective on Brand A NRxs among physicians exposed to waves 1 and 2—no change in competitor NRx levels
  • Overall the e-detail program was more effective among physicians who participated in multiple waves (at least waves 1 and 2) than those who participated in the first wave only
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