UCB exits US primary care

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UCB is getting out of the US primary care market by the end of the month to focus on its specialty immunology and neurology franchises.

Effective March 1, the Belgian biopharma will turn over full commercialization responsibilities for its allergy drug Xyzal to Sanofi-Aventis and its ProAir HFA inhaler to Teva.

UCB will continue to support its cough medication Tussionex in the US through direct-to-physician and trade promotional activities that do not require sales force support, and the company said its Upstate Pharma subsidiary will see through the commercialization of its SNRI venlafaxine extended-release tablets.

UCB exited the Western European primary care market 18 months ago. “UCB is extremely grateful to our entire US primary care team,” said UCB president for North America Greg Duncan. “Their hard work and dedication for more than a decade laid a strong foundation for UCB's future success in the US. Additionally, through many partnerships in the pharmaceutical industry, we have identified continued employment opportunities for some of our colleagues affected by this organizational change.”

UCB's marketed specialty products include Cimzia, for Chron's and rheumatoid arthritis, and Vimpat, for epilepsy. The company is awaiting FDA approval of Neupro, for Parkinson's.

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