Best Disease/Education Website

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Best Disease/Education Website
Best Disease/Education Website
Digitas Health and MedImmune
Good to Share

After predicting high levels of consumer confusion during the 2009-2010 flu season, MedImmune and Digitas Health created the website to provide clear, accurate information.

The concept was to recognize and celebrate that kids like to share things—food, toys, etc.—and to provide information about how to share safely without spreading the flu.

“Fun, creative, on target, interactive and multidimensional!” commented one judge. “This site does a great job educating.”

Another judge applauded the site's creativity and multimedia elements, adding that it was “educational with a fresh approach for kids.”

Targeted were parents of children ages 2-18. The aim was to provide interesting, fun and valuable educational information about the flu and vaccination options, and to increase urgency to vaccinate. The site includes many outstanding elements, such as an interactive flu tracker map for users.

“Google liked the cause so much that they partnered with and offered their flu tracker map to show where there were flu outbreaks,” said the agency.

The site also features numerous videos and downloads. The videos are fantastic and include a series with children of various ages talking to the camera about the flu and about sharing. The Sesame Street character Elmo addresses prevention in another video. Additional content includes signs and symptoms, prevention tips, vaccination options, information about MedImmune, and articles by Parents magazine experts.

Results include more than 187,000 visits during peak flu season, a 70% interaction rate and a thank you letter from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The agency also reported that 41% of visitors engaged with videos and 6% of visitors downloaded content.

An Insight Express Survey revealed that the site increased intentions to act by 33%.

Compass Healthcare Marketers and BioMarin Pharmaceutical

PKU is a lifelong orphan disease. Compass did an outstanding job creating a support community for patients, caregivers, family and friends on Visitors now average 7,500 per month. A healthcare provider site was also created that targets primary care physicians and specialists. All judges commented on excellent use of segmentation, which helps deliver highly relevant information. “A true social network, bringing authenticity and real life experience,” said one judge. “Excellent navigation,” noted another.

The Finalists
  • Compass Healthcare Marketers and BioMarin Pharmaceutical—
  • Digitas Health and MedImmune—Good To Share
  • GyroHSR and LifeCell Corporation—Breast
  • Hill Holliday and Novartis—1in3people
  • Integrative Logic and Galderma Laboratories—
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