Best Multichannel Campaign (Small to Medium Clients)

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Project Luna, for a restful night's sleep
Project Luna, for a restful night's sleep

Recognizes and rewards the best integration of different media for a single campaign for maximum measurable effect for clients' companies with less than $15 billion in 2012 worldwide revenue

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• Cline Davis and Mann (CDM) and Salix Pharmaceuticals for “HE*s Back: the consequences of hepatic encephalopathy (HE) recurrences” (unbranded)

• Deutsch and Sunovion Pharmaceuticals for “Project Luna for a restful night's sleep” (Lunesta)

• GSW and Stryker for “Stryker GetAroundKnee Campaign”

• Hill Holliday and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care for “Count Us In”

• StoneArch and Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance for “Tie it Teal”

Deutsch and Sunovion Pharmaceuticals
Project Luna, for a restful night's sleep

This campaign was designed to connect with patients suffering from insomnia to help drive as much Rx volume as possible before Lunesta loses patent exclusivity.

Highly targeted and expertly timed branded and reminder ads were delivered across numerous channels.

“Media was day-part targeted to reach insomniacs when they're most desperate for sleep,” the agency explained. “We drove compliance and retention by reminding people to fill/refill their Rx and leveraged Project Luna to build a sense of community.”

Performance was monitored and measured against performance indicators/patient stages and optimized in real-time.

Judges were unanimously impressed. Comments included high praise for “elegantly pulling through across all channels,” for “clear articulation” and for “great results.”

On a budget of just under $38 million, the effort yielded nearly 4 billion TV impressions, more than 1.2 billion digital impressions, and upwards of 600 million print and 15 million outdoor impressions. Unaided awareness climbed 15%.

The agency also reported 29,000 high-quality engagements and more than 175,000 offer registrations. Plus, share of prescriptions stabilized at 6.3% after a 5% decline in the year prior to the campaign.

“This is what a modern DTC program can and should look like,” noted another judge.

StoneArch and Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance
Tie It Teal

StoneArch created this 30-day campaign to help Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance (MOCA) raise awareness of ovarian cancer.

The effort included a robust website (, videos, social media outreach, and events in 81 cities.

“A clever approach, supported by very strong creative,” said one judge. “Bravo!”

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