Best Overall Professional Print Campaign

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Best Overall Professional Print Campaign
Best Overall Professional Print Campaign
StoneArch Creative and Virtual Radiologic
Body of Work

StoneArch Creative developed beautiful ads integrating Virtual Radiologic's (vRad) logo with x-rays of human anatomy to help promote the company's expansion into new products and services.

Targeted were hospital c-suite executives, radiologists, radiology practice managers and customers who were unaware of vRad's breadth of offerings.  

Ad copy uses common phrases to address the audience's challenges, needs and goals. For example, “Just perfect—the right fit for the business of radiology” accompanies the image of a hand with thumb and forefinger connected in the “okay” sign. Copy on a foot image reads “Kick it into high gear—propel your radiology business,” and “Seeing is believing—watch your radiology business grow” is paired with a skull.

“Using arresting visual imagery and unexpected headlines, we challenged the audience to view vRad through a new lens, driving the message of innovation and repositioning vRad from a products-and-services provider to the premier virtual radiology solutions resource,” the agency said.

“Clean,” noted one judge. “Vivid. Simple. Enough said.”

The agency explained that vRad is a long-standing market leader in teleradiology. It was important to continue to extend that perception while also increasing awareness of vRad as virtual radiology innovator and service provider. Emphasis was placed on the fact that vRad is a resource for radiology solutions that reduce the overall cost of care, deliver high-quality patient outcomes and contribute to customer growth.

The first ads were released in April to what the agency describes as “exceptional feedback.” They also generated considerable internal buzz, which contributed to a successful external launch. The ads also became the catalyst for extending the campaign to other mediums, including online platforms and tradeshows.

CDM Princeton and Shire

CDM Princeton did an outstanding job illustrating that Intuniv can “reach the kid within” the “monster” behavioral symptoms of ADHD. Visuals show a sweet, smiling child inside a green monster suit. “Great stopping power,” commented one judge. Intuniv is a non-stimulant ADHD treatment entering a crowded market where stimulants are the preferred treatment. The agency reported “positive and steady” uptake. The sales growth target for 2009 was met, and Intuniv is trending toward meeting its 2010 exit share goal.

The Finalists
  • Anderson DDB Health & Lifestyle and Philips Healthcare—People Powered HealthCare
  • CDM Princeton and Shire—Intuniv
  • Draftfcb Healthcare NY and Centocor Ortho Biotech—Stelara “361”
  • StoneArch Creative and Virtual Radiologic—Body of Work
  • Stonefly Communications Group and Abbott Nutrition—Illumination
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