Most distinct aspect of your personal office? 
In my home office, I keep an award I’m most proud of. It’s one I received from the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation acknowledging my support of its mission and ability to raise funds and awareness for patients with IBD. This award will move to my new office and will be the most distinct aspect there.
Number of days spent on the road per year?
It varies, and I’m sure it will increase. The trick to staying sane while on the road is exercising and staying connected at home.
Number of meetings per day? How do you best manage your schedule? 
More than 10. To best manage my schedule, I give myself prescribed break times throughout the day to catch up. It’s also important to avoid bringing so much work home. Walking the halls and getting out of the office is also helpful.
Commute difficulty on a scale of one to 10 
The commute in Madison, Wisconsin, seems easy. I’ll give it a two, even in bad weather. 
I don’t live too far, and I’m able to use that time to get mentally prepared for the day.
Average wake up time on a weekday?
4:30 a.m. First thing I look at is The New York Times app, followed by The Weather Channel. 
This early morning time is my opportunity to exercise, usually through indoor bike training. It’s also time to connect with my wife.
Biggest lesson learned on the job
The most important thing is to establish the right culture by focusing on people. That’s when you can solve the big business problems. 
Book you’re reading 
The biography of Alexander Hamilton. I’ve seen the Broadway show twice and found it to be a fascinating story and reminder of Hamilton’s tremendous historical legacy.