For Jose Rivera,  Concentric’s newly appointed executive vice president, account director, “a healthy level of restlessness” has been an essential quality in the growth of his career. In his new role, that restlessness will be put to the test as he oversees the agency’s largest accounts.

Rivera hails from Harrison and Star, where he was responsible for Roche Genentech brands Perjeta, Avastin and Pegasys. Now, he hopes to “build out the teams” at Concentric, but cautions that it will be no simple task. “It takes intense focus to build strong brands that can communicate an integrated message across a multiplicity of platforms and stakeholders,” he says.

In building out those teams, Rivera says it is necessary to   “put people first” and understand the value of those relationships. “Once people feel you care about them and will set them up for success” he explains, “they will follow you and do their best work.”

That “people first” attitude  motivated Rivera to make his foray into healthcare. “Healthcare is intriguing because it is ever changing and affects each and every one of us,” he points out, “Being in healthcare allows you to see the fragility of the human condition and how modern science can improve the lives of people.”

For those starting out in the working world, Rivera says to “keep an open mind and approach every day as a new adventure. Being curious, humble and passionate about what you do will help you navigate even the most difficult situations. And having fun along the way will guarantee a rewarding journey.”

Rivera’s adventures outside the industry, he says, are typically in faraway places. “I love hiking and traveling… looking at a beautiful blue sky and feeling nature right next to me makes me feel energized and grateful to be alive.”